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            Crawler Tractor

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            40-60HP Crawler Tractor

            The diesel engine of the 40-60HP crawler tractor is produced based on the British technology. So our product features large torque, powerful overload capacity, low fuel consumption, and environment protection. Beside, this chain track tractor is well received by virtue of the following characteristics.

            1. The (2+1)×4 compound gearbox with shift sleeve is provided with multiple gears, resulting in convenient operation and wide application.
            2. The main clutch for agricultural crawler tractor is a kind of normally closed wet clutch with single disc and spring compressor. So, the operation of the 40-60HP crawler tractor is quite convenient.

            3. Additionally, the friction plate of the dry multi-disc steering clutch is made of new material with good durability. The floating band brake has excellent brake performance.
            4. The crawler tractor with shovel uses semi-rigid suspension system for outstanding bulldozing performance.

            Technical Parameters

            Model C402 C502 C602
            Crawler tractor
            Overall dimension (L×W×H) (with shovel blade) (mm) 3760×2016×1680
            Min. operating mass (kg) 3660 3670 3700
            Track gauge (mm) 1100
            Wheelbase (mm) 1600
            Track shoe width (mm) 310
            Ground pressure (with shovel blade) (kPa) 36.8 36.9 37.2
            Diesel Engine
            Model YT3A2-22 YT3B2-22 YT3B2-22
            Type In-line, water cooled, four stroke
            Rated power and rotating speed (kW/rpm) 29.4/2200 36.7/2200 44/2400
            Gear shift (F/R) 8/4
            Speed Range (km/h) (F/R) 1.81-12.78/2.01-6.05 1.97-13.94/2.20-6.60
            Power of PTO shaft (kW) 25 31 37
            PTO rotating speed (rpm) 540/720
            Clutch Single disc, double acting
            Working device of diesel crawler tractor
            Suspension type Rear-mounted, three-point suspension (type II)
            Plough depth control method Height adjustable
            Lifting force (KN) 8
            Size of dozer blade (W×H) (mm) 2016×680
            Embedded depth of dozer blade (mm) 260
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